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Luxe B Pampas Grass


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  • 5-gram bundle 


  •  White


  • 50-55 cm 
  • DIY projects are the perfect way to utilize any of our dried floral products. Allow yourself to personally customize your own floral arrangement for your home or office. Also great to incorporate into any of your bridal designs.
  • This floral has been grown for generations in people's gardens. Dried, it looks gorgeous styled alone in your favorite vase or incorporated with other dried florals.


  • Native throughout the Northern Hemisphere and also on the high mountains of tropical Africa. It is part of the perennial family. 


  • Keep in mind these are real dried grass. They should be handled with care. These florals are super gorgeous and have been popular over the years showcased in many decor and events, but it's important to know that this particular flower should not be consumed. Delphinium is poisonous if ingested by any mammals.  Please keep away from Children or Animals.