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Pure Soap Co.

Soap Bars (More Scents)

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Goat Milk & Honey

How adorable is that honeycomb pattern?!

An all-around incredible soap bar for many reasons. It is left unscented for those with delicate skin, dry skin or sensitivities. It contains nourishing goat milk & honey and best of all... these raw materials are sourced from Edmonton area hobby farms.
Net Wt. 4oz


If you like earthy scent profiles, this is the one for you. Blended with patchouli & sweet orange essential oils, this bar’s scent is complex yet grounding. It is packed with Rasshoul clay for extra skin-loving minerals, and delicately garnished with jasmine.

Net Wt. 4oz

Coconut Lime

Get whisked away to the tropics any time you use this bar.It is infused with a coconut milk & green French clay base, making it’s lather thick, rich and creamy. The gorgeous citrus wheel garnish is made in our very own studios.

The scent profile? Sweet, and citrusy. Need we say more? 

Net Wt. 4oz

Oatmeal Lavender

A beautiful and delicate bar that makes a great choice for those with sensitive or dry skin.

Infused with nourishing oat milk, pure lavender oil and mineral-rich purple Brazilian clay.

Pure & simple.

Net Wt. 4oz

Mocha Scrub

We have partnered with a local artisan coffee roaster to formulate these fabulous bars.

Alternate Route is owned & operated by a husband and wife team out of Nisku, AB. We’ve been lucky to get a tour of their facility and learn about their passion for the craft.

We use a blend of two of their roasts for our bars, and we are so proud to say that one of these is 100% woman-made from the growing, cultivating etc. (a rare feat in the coffee industry).

Net Wt. 4oz

The Woodsman

Fellas, you’ll be whisked away to the mountains every time you use our Woodsman bar. 

Naturally coloured with mineral-rich green French clay, scented with pure essential oils and garnished with cedar grown from our Pure Soap Co. studios, you’ll never have to compromise to get what you want out of a luxury, natural soap!

This scent profile is woodsy, musky and earthy.

Net Wt. 4oz

Honeyed Ale

Honeyed Ale is in fact, a beer soap! Beer soaps have been hitting the cold process soap world by storm due to their uniqueness and incredibly bubbly lather. We’ve also added a beautiful raw honey infusion as an extra delight for your skin

It yields a mild scent profile of bright citrus notes not unlike the beer itself and is packed with both yellow + red Brazilian clays for smoothness.

Net Wt. 4oz

Old Fashioned Licorice

The Old Fashioned Licorice bar is dedicated to all you old souls.The name speaks for itself - it has a delectable scent profile with sweet top notes of vanilla and the deep, grounding scent of licorice to envelop your senses. We’ve given this soap bar mild exfoliating properties and an activated charcoal infusion making it a delight for oily, mixed or problem prone skin types.

Net Wt. 4oz