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Mindfulness Cards for Kids

Mindfulness Cards for Kids

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Guide your children on a mindfulness journey, in a simple, fun, and meaningful way!


Flip a card. Focus on your chosen mindfulness activity for the moment, or for the day. Together with your littles, enjoy the beauty of the here and now! 

Research shows that mindfulness – a gentle accepting awareness of the present moment – helps to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental focus, boost compassion, reduce bias, and enhance mental wellbeing overall.

What's In The Box?

  • Includes 30 cards to connect your littles (and you!) to the beautiful present moment!
  • + 5 bonus cards to support you (the parent!) on your new mindfulness journey
  • This product is luscious, soft, beautiful, cleanable & durable. Every element was crafted with loving intention with you and your littles in mind
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