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Ex Oh Candles

No. 10 4x4 Candle

No. 10 4x4 Candle

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100+ hours burning time    50g / 27oz

Ballet Slipper (Spiced Cedar Brandy)  - A mixture of an earthy aroma of fresh cut cedar and sweet, fine brandy, infused with crisp, rich spices. Beautiful touch of pink.

Adobe Sand (Buttered Spice) - Remember those butterscotch candies you used to get from your grandma’s candy dish? This smells exactly like them with a little touch of spice. This one is the colour of sand, a warm beige.

All EX OH Pillar Candles come carefully packaged in luxury rigid boxes specially made to protect each candle from damage. 

Dusty candles are a good thing! Have you ever noticed a film on your candle after a little while? This is called "bloom" and it means your candles have been made with pure, natural beeswax. It is the little pollen spores the bees fed on, continuing to bloom! 

If you want to take the film off, you can use a hair dryer on warm and it will quickly disappear. The film will return after a while, you can't control nature! 

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