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Spa Day Nourishing Body Wash

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A daily body wash formulated to nourish your skin and provide a deep cleanse without irritation. Spa Day is made with a delicate blend of naturally derived ingredients that will soothe and hydrate skin, like aloe vera, jojoba oil, and glycerin. This body wash is pH balanced making it safe to use everywhere, including intimate areas. Spa Day is our signature mood-boosting scent with a fresh blend of citrus and luxurious notes of eucalyptus. Ingredients & Specifications Aloe Vera: This beauty powerhouse has antioxidant properties, helps calm the skin, soothes redness, and provides mega-hydration for healthy-looking, glowing skin. Jojoba Seed Oil: A rich and nourishing oil that helps soften, smooth, and soothe the skin. Vitamin E: Vitamin E richly nourishes the skin while protecting the skin’s moisture barrier.
Made in Canada